Posted on March 18, 2011


Online support groups have their merits, for whatever ails you there are all types who join one… Whether they made it through and share their experience and advise others, or struggling yet making improvement and sharing their story for others to find encouraging, or just starting their journey and depending on others to guide them or just listen.

While it feels better to see someone else going through what we are, to know that we arent alone, and its especially encouraging to see someone pulling through…its disheartening when days turn to weeks, to months…and youre no further along then when you started.

The thing Ive started to learn is, what I felt was a relationship problem and my heartbreak is turning out to be so much more than just that.  Otherwise emotionally healthy people who hit a low point are able to swing back and move forward.  The depression from my breakup hasnt eased in all this time, and at times I feel its become even worse.  A lot of things from my past that Ive pushed down and away have been creeping back into mind and its unbearable.  Way too much for a site where “why didnt he return my call?” is the question of the day, everyday.

I dont want to share my story on there, I guess because when you post in a support forum, you are basically asking for someones opinion and advice, for the most part, I just have a lot to get off my chest and that isnt the place to do it.  I found another support site that was more broad and actually very good it seems…but I hate the thought that no one will care. And what I dont need right now is one more person who doesnt care about me.

So, I decided to go with a blog.  If someone wants to say something cool, if not thats cool too.  Im just running off at the mouth here, mostly for myself, hoping to get things out and deal with stuff that Ive never wanted to think about or address.  Maybe then, after taking a good look at myself and getting a hold on what Im really about, I can let go of those dark thoughts and other areas of my life will fall into line too.

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