My Love Life: The Cliff Notes

Posted on March 19, 2011


The Ex-/The Musician: We were together for about 2 and a half years. He went from talking marriage and looking for a place for us to move in together when he decided he needed a break.  Found out hed been seeing somone else for months and we broke up for good.  Since then, the past year and a half have turned me into an emotional wreck.  He says hes not ready for a relationship, yet tells me he loves me among other things that make it hard to let go.  We turned into FWB, as a matter of fact, since our breakup we’ve had sex maybe 5 times…but still spent time to gether the same as when we were a couple.

Flash forward to where things are right now with us…Id had enough.  I dont want to be just friends, and he doesnt want a relationship…the only thing left is that we part ways.  Whenever I try to talk to him about it, he blows me off and wants to keep seeing me as usual…it worked before, many times…but this time I was done.  A few days ago he said hes willing to talk to me and wants to work something out. I agreed and he said he would let me know he has a lot going on with work but will let me know. I havnt heard from him since.

The Theme Park Guy: Hes very new in my life.  Im on eHarmony and last week I replied to his contact.  Things moved along pretty well and we talked for the first time a couple of days ago.  We’re going to meet for the first time on Mon for lunch.  Hes pretty good looking and at least “on paper” things look good. The only thing Im apprehensive about is he has a 3 year old.  I too have a child, but shes 14.  In just 4 years she will be out of the house, and Im not all to eager anymore to have another child and have been looking forward to being able to do things freely…

Also, starting over at 3 is a leap, I can hardly remember what kiddo was like at that age.  Shes now at a point where we can go anywhere, do anything together.  Id really be backtracking myself by over 10 years…plus dealing with “the other woman”…the childs mother.  My daughters dad has never been a part of our lives, so drama is something we’ve never had to deal with. All the same…he does seem like a great guy, and its just lunch…not our wedding day LoL! So Im going to take it step by step…see what happens.

The Biologist: Im not sure what to think of this guy but figured Id mention him anyway just in case.  We met off eHarmony about 6 months ago.  We were seeing each other about a month and things seemed to be going well, and then he just disappered.  I asked him to at least let me know whats up, and he said he was going through legal issues with his kids mother and going through a hard time, and didnt have his head in dating right now.  Understandable, I wished him well and left him alone.

Last week he emailed me to see how I was doing…we wrote each other back and forth, general chit chat nothing much…he wasnt hinting at wanting to see me or call me or anything. Six months ago, my friends said it seems he met someone else and dropped me to see how things would go with her.  Now, at more advice, they say it seems things didnt work out so hes coming back around to me.  The advice of others added that if he was really at all interested, even with issues going on, he would have been upfront, not dropped off like he did. Also, he would have at least thought of me in these past 6 months…not waited this long to get back to me. I have to agree…  Havnt emailed him in a couple of days…will see what happens.

That pretty much wraps up my wonderful love life.  Admit it…youre jealous. Hah!

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