Up to good and no good

Posted on March 21, 2011


The server: This guy works at the restaurant Im a hostess at.  Ive been working there a couple of months and noticed him immediately.   Really handsome guy, he appears serious but when he smiles or laughs I instantly melt!  Only thing is hes much younger than me…not so much an issue for me but not sure what he thinks of that.  Also not sure how hed take me having a teen-aged daughter.  And even though it seems at times hes being flirty, Im not sure if its just wishful thinking! Im just not sure!!!

Well, yesterday I to0k my daughter out there for dinner…I told her about him and when he came around to say hi and I introduced him from the way she smiled at me, I know she figured out thats the guy.  He came back around a couple of times just to make small talk and was really sweet to kiddo when he talked to her…  After dinner, she said I have to stop being so nervous and talk to him about going out, cause its “soo obvious he likes you!”  Hah! Apparently, she said hed wander around our table and kept tossing a glance at me before coming to our table to talk to me again.  Dating advice from a 14 year old? What has this world come to? Hah!

AFF: Yes, I went there… yesterday I went back on my *really old* AFF account to see whats going on there. Six years ago, I actually met a guy who is still a really great friend, and I decided what the heck, see what happens again.  Already, I have coffee set up for Tues with a cop, theres a don juan who has my interest piqued and we’re going to talk and get to know each other since he wont be free til next week.  This morning I got and replied to an email from a guy who Im pretty sure is lying about his age, but he looks great and he comes off as sugardaddy material.  Its not my main thing, but yeah of course Im curious.

Theme Park Guy: We’re supposed to be meeting for lunch today, but here it is almost noon and I havnt heard from him.  Im not all into it with this guy though.  I mean, one phone call where his 3 year old son was up and around, needing his attention the whole call til he had to go to play with him.  Nothing wrong with that except that, he called me and it would have been better if he chose a time when kiddo wasnt up under him and wed be able to talk for 5 minutes at least.  I called him the next day and it went to voicemail…he sent a text saying he was getting ready to put his son down for a nap but would call me back in a couple hours… I replied saying that was fine and let him know when Id be at work so to call me before then.  When I got out of work, he left another text saying hed woken up after I was going to be at work, but that he loved my voicemail…. Since then I still waiting for him to call me…

Im not all eager for a few reasons…Ive learned that putting his son down for a nap means the lays down and takes a nap with him.  I never did that with kiddo, just not my style…and I have visions of his kid also needing him to lay down and sleep with him at bedtime too…basically, there is never adult time…  Different parenting styles really but, I have strict boundaries on that.  Another thing, he wants to text message, not call, evenwhen he says he will apparently hes not going to and will text instead.  The Musician pretty much ruined that for me since our entire relationship consisted of nothing more than text messages…sick of it.

The Ex/The Musician: Speaking of which…he pissed me off. Again. Then made a snarky “I said Ill talk to you after the weekend…its not after the weekend yet is it??” comment, then immediately said that was to be a sarcastic funny tone not angry mean one.  Whatever…he must be high. Thats pretty much how I feel like summing him up nowadays.  Waited 3 days for him to find the time to call me, today makes four…nutty is..it was *his* idea to want to talk, I was ready to just be done with this already.  I still am…Im getting less and less interested in him, and every day he puts off calling me gets me closer to not giving a fuck if we talk again.

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