Lunch date

Posted on March 23, 2011


Yesterday I had a lunch date with Theme Park guy who I met off eHarmony.  When I walked up he was outside waiting for me, and  first impressions…very nice! He looked like his photo…and he seemed very sweet and funny. We both committed the carnal sin of the first date and that is talking about the ex’s.  Im glad we did though, I didnt go into much detail about The Musician, good thing he wasnt on my bad side at the moment (not on my best side either..just indifferent)

This guy on the other had really kind of let loose about his ex wife…told me how she once stabbed herself with a knife and called the cops on him, plus he calls her “The Witch”. That whole baby mama drama thing is sure to be baggage…ya think?   He seems to have himself together otherwise, but Im going to take it slow and easy with him.  Neverminding that I have the feeling hes still healing from what sounds like a nasty divorce, Im not sure I can handle being in the middle of something involving…The Witch.

He invited me out to the movies Thursday night which should be fun…Im looking forward to getting to know him better.  Just going to take it easy though.

I have a coffee date with a guy from AFF tomorrow morning.  Hes young and seems a bit daft but…will see.

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