A Tuesday Nite Out…

Posted on March 30, 2011


Last nite I did something that I havnt done in *yeeears* and that is go out and hit up the town all by my lonesome…  After I got off work, I dolled up and started the nite off where my ex was playing jazz. Its a pretty nice lounge, I had a couple of drinks and talked with some people before jetting out of there.  On my way out, a guy ran out after me saying he was just about to ask me to join him for a glass of wine.  I declined, not really wanting to join him for wine in front of my ex there…but we talked for awhile and he seemed pretty nice, so I gave him my number so that we could meet for that wine another time.  Will see if he calls…

Afterwards, I went to a local bar that Ive heard some rave reviews about…pegged our local version of “Cheers”…unfortunately it was karaoke nite.  Ugh Im not a fan of that at all….really bad, really loud singing.  But I decided Id have one drink and leave…and my luck I sat next to the loneliest guy in the city.  I could barely hear what he was saying, but what little I could catch bored me to tears…and I really didnt like that he kept leaning into me and talking.  If any other guy in the room might possibly be interested in approaching me, no dice with this guy latched onto me like that.  He offered to buy me another drink..I declined and hauled out of there.  Id like to go back again, when its not karaoke nite and hopefully this guy isnt there to latch onto me again…

Afterwards I went to a place that Ive been to many times for really good local music….but I was pretty relieved to see there was no band, really quiet and laid back night.  At this point I really kinda just wanted to have a drink in peace…but not…the guy next to me who was, without exaggeration, about 80 years old, insisted on spending the entire time talking my ear off telling me how pretty I was..that was the one and only topic of his discussion.  It got really old after the first 5 minutes….as I was finishing my drink he offered to buy me another one and I said no….then started up convo with a guy who was actually pretty cute and interesting.  When he offered me a drink I said sure and the older guy got all upset that I accepted a drink from that guy and not him :/

This other guy (H.Y.) was pretty cool though, we talked for maybe another hour until we both were really burnt out from being there…it was about 3a at this time and he had to work today.  When we walked out of there, we exchanged numbers, and he asked if he could talk me into having a drink back at his place…yeah yeah we all know what that means….I said sure Hah!  Nothing happened but some wine and conversation…hes really bent out of shape and has a hang up on our height difference of a whopping inch.  Thats a big turn off :/  Otherwise seems like a decent guy though..he invited me out to dinner and I said sure.

I ended up sleeping on his couch because after all that drinking and topping off a bottle of wine at his place, I really wasnt in any shape to drive.  I had my wits about me but I have a huge thing about driving when I know Ive had too much…he was very cool about it though, brought me a blanket and said hed wake me when he gets up for work.  I woke up way before him though and slipped out.  I called him later and told him I had a great time, and looking forward to dinner…  He said he was so relieved that I called…a bit of him was worried when he got up and I was gone, that that was the last hed see of me…. Then he asked if when we meet for dinner I dont wear heels…  Jeez.

It was definitely an adventurous night though….Im looking forward to doing that again sooooon!

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