Coffee Date

Posted on March 31, 2011


I was going to write this earlier, but after my last blog had to dash out to pick kiddo up from her after-school drama class, and when I came home I knocked out cold till now…  So exhausted, and have work tomorrow.  I really need/want to write more about my exciting new job in the food industry…Im not being sarcastic either! It really is different and interesting…but thats for another post/another time.

So, another aff guy (R.F.) and I met over coffee today…hes a cop and was on duty at the time, so in uniform.  Ive got to say, when I walked in there I freaked…Im not even the kind of girl to go crazy over a guy in uniform, but oh man did he look good… The coffee date went great…not very long though, only about half an hour then he had to get back on the road.  When we stood up, he was shorter than me and commented on our height difference.  Just as I inwardly groaned, after going through H.Y.’s insecure comments about it last night, he said he thought I looked great and ended it at that.  He walked me to my car and then suddenly put his hand on my waist and asked me if we could see each other again…I said definitely, then we made tentative plans for tomorrow night, said our goodbyes and I head out.

I really wasnt sure what to think at this point…tentative plans usually mean “maybe but dont get your hopes up” plus it was hard to read him to see if he was really very interested.  When I got home though, he sent me a text telling me I looked breath-taking, and he really hopes we can meet up tomorrow.  We texted some more and he asked if we could push up meeting to tonight…I said I couldnt but def on for tomorrow, so hopefully there will be more on this guy.

Yes its aff, so yes…guess away at what the plan is for tomorrow.  I almost feel obligated to say what kind of girl I am/am not, but whatever.  For the most part my so-called-sex-life has consisted of the handful of times I hooked up with my ex, and my fwb and I have only met up twice…so yeah, Ive literally had sex less than 10 times in the past year and a half. I do want to meet a great guy and be in a relationship, but willing to just have some (as safe as possible) fun in the meantime…

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