I have a social calendar!

Posted on March 31, 2011


I got out of work and saw that RF called to confirm our date for tonight, and also a message from AG…the guy who I met Tues night at the jazz lounge.  See…thats what Im talking about! Two days and he called to see if we could get together…nice!  He asked if I would be free tonight, no dice…but we made a date for Saturday.

Im kind of happy Im not free tonight, he said that his friends and their girlfriends were all meeting up for dinner and jazz, and was hoping I could join them.  Sounds like a fun time except that Id rather our first date be one on one, not a group date with his friends and their girlfriends.  Thats a lot of pressure…hah!  Its cool that he thought of me though, and for sure a great sign that hes totally single…

Speaking of which, the guy who was latching on to me Tues nite at the bar where karaoke was playing happened to walk into my restaurant today.  When we passed by each other I said…oh wow hello!!! And he shyed away from me… I couldnt understand what his deal was until I saw him leaving…with his girlfriend.  Aye man…men…men! Good thing I want nothing to do with him, but can you imagine if I was interested? Him sitting at the bar talking and flirting with me all that time…I sure dodged a bullet with that one eh?

Anyway, really looking forward to seeing RF tonight….like all kinds of excited!  I honestly cant even remember the last time I got laid…jeez man.

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