Saturday Nite Date

Posted on April 3, 2011


So last night was my date with AG…Im still processing it to be honest.  I parked at his building, and from there he drove us to a nice little Spanish restaurant for dinner.  I learned that hes over 50, has 3 sons all in their 20’s and he owns a chain of restaurants locally plus a construction company.  Okay…  Where it gets dicey, hes separated right now and not planning to go through with his divorce until some legal matters with his companys are sorted out…okaaay.

Convo over dinner went well though, everything was going pretty well, though the separation thing was on my mind…Ive never gone out with a guy in that situation before so not sure what to think of that. Back to his place, he asked if I was cool with it to finish off our bottle of wine at his place on the balcony…view of the airport watch the planes yadda yadda. I told him flat out thats all that would happen and he said yes of course…

The building is I guess a hotel that rents out units as furnished condos…so his place looked like a hotel room. Eh. But hed been living there about a year since his separation and yeah, it looked pretty lived in and bachelorpad-like.  He put on some music and we went on the balcony to have our wine and talked…so far so good.  Then he went inside to turn off the lights…okay.  He snuggled up for a kiss or two, which was fine….then he disappeared inside.  I hear his voice call for me, so I go in and hes laid up in the bed with his shirt off asking me to join him.  Enter nervous laugh and a “um…no”  And I told him if he was that tired I can get going.

So we end up talking for a bit more, then he asks me if Id like to spend the night “nothing will happen, just would be nice to have you here with me”…”Um. No” then I kissed him and told him to put his shirt on so he can walk me back to my car.  I dont know if he figures cause he has money in the bank Im going to trip all over myself to sleep with him, and I think it was presumptious of him to do that, and Im not entirely thrilled with the way he went about it either. Nahh….I dont think so.  We made a date for tonight, but when I woke up this morning, I started to second think that and told him Id rather move our date to Wed since I have to work today and Id be beat….to which he said that would be great.  So…we have a tentative date for Wed.

I figure…if he doesnt get the hint and comes on strong like this on Wed then Ill call it as day and leave it at that.  I dont know…I should probably call it a day right now but, argh…kinda torn here since it was a great date up til he took his shirt off and expected me to lay in bed with him.  What is that anyway?! Of course I may not hear back from him again since we didnt end up sleeping together last night. At this point, Id be fine with that too.

Well, my lunch date for today with AT  had to be cancelled cause of work, but he called and left me voicemail to say hi and we’re going to plan a date for next weekend.  He seems really nice I have to say and am looking forward to meeting up with him.  Ill probably see AO sometime during the week and make him keep up with his fwb duties 😉 Tonight through tomorrow is as no man zone though… I need to catch up on sleep and housework.  Will probably do more sleeping than cleaning though…!

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