My quest to be a server

Posted on April 5, 2011


After 10 years in the world of internet, Ive ventured away from my laptop to start working around people.  *Eeeeep!* Its actually not so bad I have to say…Im enjoying it a lot actually!  Then again, it has only been 3 months, and most of my friends are convinced its just a matter of time before I hate people completely.  Will see…!

It started a little over 3 months ago when I saw my full time job going south, and I wanted to get some work lined up.  Most of my friends work in the restaurant industry, and kept telling me that I have the looks and personality for it, and Im a hard worker so I should do great with tips.  I decided to take the plunge and started applying for jobs.

I quickly learned that if they take your application, and then tell you a manager will look it over and call you back…call it a day and dont even think about that job again.  Its a polite blow-off at most.  Most restaurants will have open interviews between 2-4p…if you sit down to fill out an application, a manager will come around eventually to sit down and talk with you…otherwise, yeah forget about it.

In a whirlwind of about a weeks time, I applied to about 10 places then gave up.  Real dedication there eh?  Ahh! Well, about 3 weeks later after the holidays, a place did call me back for a 2nd interview which went well enough that they asked me to come back in an hour for my 3rd interview with the GM, and I was offered the job.  Yay! I got my foot in the door…not as a server but as a hostess. Okay, no brainer…I can do this! So, Ive been a hostess for 3 months now and I have to say…the restaurant is great, the people I work with and for are great, even the guests are great…the only thing thats not great is I want to be a server and Im still a hostess!

Today I got back out there and applied at two places…one did the ol’ “Ill hold onto your application and a manager will review it and call you” line….whatever. The next place went much better and at a far better place that I hope I do get a position as a server or cocktail waitress at the pool. Its a restaurant in an exclusive resort, tucked away from it all and on the water.  The view is *gorgeous!*Ive since found out that the unassuming neighborhood where most of the restaurants guests come from are politicians, football or basketball players and a few well-known musicians and celebrities….Im not at all starstruck so thats not a big deal to me, but oh man the money I could make off tips would be amazing!

The manager I interviewed with seemed very cool..he took the time to talk to me…we talked at least 15m which is a lot really…he told me a lot about the place and answered my questions without trying to rush me out of there or anything which I think is a great sign.  He also told me hes very interested in me, but I still need to go through interviews with the restaurant manager and the resort manager…the norm, but he said he will talk to them and if I dont hear back from him in 3 days, to please call him and he gave me his card.  Another good sign!

I can tell hes a bit hesistant since I have no serving experience…most fine dining require many years worth, and most hotels require previous hotel experience…so I will totally understand if I dont get the job….after all, on paper I dont qualify so I wont be mad at them if it doesnt work out….but in person I oozed as much personality, positive energy and good vibes I could muster up and I really hope  that they take a chance with me, cause I would be ecstatic to get that job!

Wish me lots and lots of luck!

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