Six Month Update

Posted on October 19, 2011


Its been awhile…only six months, not bad! I need to seriously start journaling more though.  A few things have happened, so lets see:

The Guys:
The Musician – How many times will I say enough is enough? When Ive actually had enough I suppose.  For the most part, Im taking things for what they are and he’s continued to be a great friend to me.  There was a rough patch when I found out he was still seeing BBB.  She wrote me this insane email that still annoys me to this day.  But one thing at least, she revealed she knew he was seeing other people, something I thought he was lying to me about since I refused to see him as long as he was in a relationship with her. So in an odd way, because of her, I found out he was honest to me about that at least.  It took awhile, but we started seeing more of each other, and now….well, overall things are good between us now.

The Biologist: Jeez, this guy.  He contacted me about a month ago and me thinking, what the hey? decided to meet him for drinks.  That went well, so he invited me out to dinner at a place close by.  He’s adorable, but jeez man, the whole issue with his ex wife and kids and custody battles and court and therapy sessions and and and… Ugh.  He texted to say he was going to Mexico..I didnt actually see the message for a couple of days, then decided theres a reason for that and didnt respond.  That I think is the end of that for the biologist.  His life is more upside down than mine is. And he wasnt that great in bed anyway *sigh*

AO: After months and months of trying to get together, him, his girl and I finally made it to the nude beach.  It was the first she and I really got to hang out and talk, and she is *such* a sweetie!!!  So now Ive vowed that we have to get together more.  Its funny, hes still hot as all give out, but I dont know. Not feeling the fwb action like I used to…as a matter of fact its been so long I cant remember the last time, a year maybe?  I kind of think though, Im not so much feeling the no-strings sex vibe like I used to.  I want something with someone…they are dying to bring me in as another girl, enticing and hot absolutely, but Im just not feeling it right now.  Still going to find time to hang out with them though…they are really good people.

Not much else on the man front…Ive met guys here and there, but blah…not inspired, and pretty apathetic towards most of them.  Which is fine because Ive been working and trying to get things on track in that department. Speaking of which:

I’m now a full time adult entertainer.  Yay me, managing to pay the rent, bills and have a bit of spending money just by making guys happy one minute at a time.  I no longer work at the restaurant..the money I can make with this far outweighs that…as a matter of fact, when you consider I can and have made in one day, what it took me two weeks to make at the restaurant, its a no brainer where I need to put my efforts.  The only thing I worry about is, while Im doing pretty well now, better with each passing month, the time will come when I wont be able to do this anymore.  I have five years tops I figure, before I need to give this up and find something else to do.

Should I continue college to get that Biology degree? Should I go back to studying web development? Should I get that boob job, make as much money as humanly possible between now and then, buy myself an RV and become a wanderer the rest of my life? That option is winning out at the moment…Ive been working independently for so long Im not sure I really could work for anyone again, even if in a freelance environment.  Oh theres still the marry rich thing, but as a last resort.  I dont want to be stuck with someone just because they have money. Id lose my mind and run away one day anyway, so I figure, may as well cut out the middle part and skip to the lose my mind and run away part…hehe!

Kiddo is doing fantastic…she started high school, is really taking it seriously and doing great. She has made me so proud with the way shes handing her school life, social life, getting things done, still having fun.  She really has it together and yeah, bursting with pride here.

So, thats a bit of a wrap-up.  Will journal much more often…this whole catching up thing is way too much to write.

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