New Rule – No Patience

Posted on March 31, 2011


Tonite I decided to put a block on the guys I havnt heard from in awhile.  I got to thinking about a couple of guys I havnt heard from, and I realized…at this point I dont need to hear from them at all.  Like the biologist, we went on a few great dates 6 months ago, he disappeared, and then a couple weeks ago got back in touch with me again.  We emailed for a bit but nothing much…hed go for days without replying before Id email him again. Finally, I decided not to do that to see when hed email me back on his own…2 weeks now and nothing…

Guy I went on a date with last week… he said he was going out of town for the weekend, Fri I called and left a message saying I had a great time and to have a good trip.  Tues I sent an email saying hi and hope his trip went well.  Still not a word since what seemed like an amazing date…but I know hes alive, he was on AFF since Sunday.

I figure it like this…  even if Im not even really all that interested in a guy, or not sure what I think about him, I never go more than a couple days before responding to him. If Im very interested, I get back to him right away, darn near immediately.  Even my ex who is a master of putting distance between us and always saying hes too busy for anything never lets more than a couple days go by without dropping me a text.  Yeah hes keeping me on the hook, but still…

Also, after my coffee date with RF today, he said he was worried I was losing interest cause he didnt hear back from me for a couple weeks.  I was like…weeks? It was 3 days!! And he said…oh I know, but it felt like WEEKS! I was so eager to talk to you and see you. Plus he contacted me letting me know he was happy to meet me and looking forward to seeing me again and we chatted a bit.

So yeah, while I will allow for “whatever may be” if its been a few days and a guy hasnt replied to me even after I reach out, and blatantly not getting back to me, then I block him for good since hes obviously not that interested, and any interest he decides to have to contact me again wont be anything in my favor.  Biology guy already disappeared once..this makes twice, and thurs nite date is flat out ignoring me, so I have no doubts about putting them on block.

I love my android and that I can block texts and send phone calls right to VM in just a few swipes…and I never check my voicemail (I just call back if I miss a call…I hate checking vm) with over 500 new messages (my vm is sent to Google Voice) theres no threat of hearing a message that will make me give a second chance to a guy who didnt have the guts or decency to let me know he wasnt interested instead of just dropping off the face of the earth.

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